The Yrjö Kilpinen Society

The Yrjö Kilpinen Society
• fosters the heritage of the lied
• furthers the knowledge of Kilpinen’s output
• arranges concerts, lectures, and discussions
• supports the investigation and propagation of Finnish solo song
• informs its members of vocal performances
The Society was founded on 24 January 1948 and bore the name Friends of Solo Song. Its first chairman was the composer and academician Professor Yrjö Kilpinen, who functioned as chairman up to his death. Thereafter, the Society’s name was changed to the Yrjö Kilpinen Society. Its members are professional singers and musicians, music students, and others interested in solo song.
During the past ten years, the Society has arranged numerous events. During 1992, the 100th anniversary of Kilpinen’s birth, over 50 events was arranged. In February of 2002, during the symposium in connection with this anniversary, there were both premieres and performances of rare works from the archives.
Kilpinen’s works, including manuscripts have been microfilmed for the Helsinki University Library.
In cooperation with the Finnish Music Information Center, a catalogue of Yrjö Kilpinen’s works has been issued in four languages. A number of the unpublished works have been published, and earlier and unknown works of Kilpinen have been recorded.
At the moment, the Society is collecting information for a new biography of the composer.
One of the Societys main goals is to reawaken the tradition of vocal recitals.
Yrjö Kilpinen society board 2018

Jaakko Kortekangas, Chairman

Vuokko Saariaho, Vice Chairman

Raisa Vaarna, Secretary

Marja Kari, Treasurer

Riikka Hakola

Tuulikki Närhinsalo

Ilmo Ranta

For further information please contact: kilpinen.seura (at)